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Standard Medical Editing

Our established team of experienced medical editors strive to make each case reviewed more readable, enhance the language used, check grammar, find typos, highlight areas of concern and to communicate suggestions to doctors in a supportive manner. Our aim is to make sure the English is at a native level so that you can focus on the research itself. Please also see “Why use ATS?

Substantive Editing Service

In addition to our standard editing service, we offer a substantive editing service for papers that need more than just editing. This service includes:

Language editing: English language is reviewed and revised on both grammar and syntax considerations but also on the basis of coherence with the topic, on a section-by-section basis and overall in terms of the subject of the paper. Appropriate medical language/jargon is also utilized.

Initial content review: This includes reviewing if the headings and sub-heading fit the content. This ensures the logic of the paper as well as its flow.

Useful comments: Elements of each section are also reviewed for completeness and appropriate comments are given, especially those that may be considered by peer reviewers. For example, does the Methodology have a statistical analysis? Does the discussion state the study limitations?


Although the basics of a manuscript are mostly the same, from the title page to figure legends, each journal has specific requirements and the details differ from journal to journal. As an optional extra, we will format your manuscript for the journal to which you would like to submit.

When formatting papers for journal guidelines, we do the following:

  • Overall document formatting (i.e. paper size, margins, page numbers, line spacing, sections start on a new page etc.)
  • Check title page to make sure the required info is included and in the correct order. If not add comments stating what has to be added.
  • Check the abstract for structure (i.e. sub-headings or not, word count etc.)
  • Check order of the sections (i.e. tables before or after the references etc.)
  • Format the references to agree with the guidelines.